Learn All About The New Chevrolet Traverse on Sale Near Indianapolis

When you have a large family, there's always somewhere to go. From the grocery store to school to soccer practice, you visit many places each week. With the most precious cargo imaginable, you need a reliable SUV to transport your family. That's why you should buy or lease an SUV from the Chevrolet showroom. At Terre Haute Chevrolet, serving Indianapolis, you'll meet the midsize Chevy Traverse. This SUV is perfect for a busy family lifestyle. Come to our Chevrolet showroom and find out why you should bring this elegant SUV home to Brazil, IN.

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The Chevrolet Traverse is family-friendly transportation with an elegant design. It has a three-row layout that can accommodate people (up to eight) and cargo (up to 98.2 cubic-feet). The standard engine is the 310-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 with 266 pound-feet of torque. This outstanding engine hauls up to 5,000 pounds and gets 27 mpg on Indiana highways. The Driver Mode Selector adjusts your SUV's capability with these modes: Tow/Haul, Off-Road, All-Wheel Drive, and Front-Wheel Drive.

The eight-inch infotainment system syncs up with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There's also USB charging ports in every row to keep everyone connected. If your hands are ever full, you can access the trunk with the hands-free power liftgate. Plus, there's a series of available driver-assist safety technologies to make the Chevy Traverse safer for family travel. Examples include Forward Collision Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Pedestrian Braking, and Rear Park Assist.


If you need a three-row, family-sized SUV, the Chevrolet Traverse is not your only avenue. You may have other vehicles on your shortlist. To help you see why you should pick the Traverse, we're going to compare it with three competing models from Nissan, Ford, and GMC.


Chevy Traverse vs. Nissan Pathfinder

The V6 engine in the Chevy Traverse unleashes more horsepower and torque than its Nissan competitor. The Chevy Traverse seats eight people, while the Nissan Pathfinder only accommodates seven. If you're focused on cargo capacity, you'll want the Traverse because of its 98.2 cubic-feet compared to the 79.2 cubic-feet in the Nissan competition. Also, the Traverse exceeds the Pathfinder in overall length and wheelbase.

Chevy Traverse vs. Ford Explorer

The Chevrolet Traverse has more storage than its Ford competition (compare 98.2 cubic-feet to 87.8 cubic-feet). If you want eight-person seating, you'll only find it in the Chevy SUV. The Ford Explorer only seats seven. If you want a more affordable price for your family-sized SUV, go with the Chevrolet option. It has a lower starting price than the Ford SUV. Plus, Terre Haute Chevrolet has special incentives for new models.

Chevy Traverse vs. GMC Acadia

Once again, the Chevy Traverse trumps the competition in seating capacity (eight vs. seven) and storage space (98.2 cubic-feet vs. 79.0 cubic-feet). The Traverse is larger than the Acadia in length, wheelbase, width, and height. It has more legroom and headroom, making the Chevy model more comfortable for passengers in the second and third rows. The engine on the Chevy Traverse has more torque and horsepower.

Find the Chevy Traverse at our Indiana Dealership

The Chevy Traverse, while a worthwhile investment, is not the only family-sized vehicle on sale at Terre Haute Chevrolet. Other three-row SUVs include the Chevy Tahoe and Chevy Suburban. If you'd like smaller transportation, research the Chevy Equinox, Chevy Blazer, Chevy Trailblazer, and Chevy Trax. The robust Chevrolet SUV lineup has a solution for every Indiana family. If you'd like help finding the right SUV, talk to a sales specialist at Terre Haute Chevrolet, serving Paris, IL.